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Welcome to Fat Russell, LLC

Fat Russell, LLC is a Branding and App development company based out of Pennsylvania.



At Fat Russell, we like to work on lots of different projects.  We've built official Glassware, Android Apps, Watch Faces and more. Jeremy Shore built the Android version of Word of the Day, which you can see HERE , along with all our work in the Google Play Store!

View the slide deck from our recent presentation at the GDG DC DevFest, where we spoke about working with Android Wear!

What we've built for Android

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Sookie Says
Sookie Says is a Simon-like game for your Android Wear watch.

Word of the Day
Word of the Day (developed by Jeremy Shore) is an Android app that sends notifications to your smart watch.
Time & Space
"Time & Space" is a collection of watch faces, perfect for any "Whovian".
Illustrated Watch Faces
Our illustrated watch faces are totally unique, and offer different levels of customization.

Tally Counter
Tally Counter for Wear keeps track of anything.
Illustration Faces 2
Another pack of fun illustrations for all Android Wear smart watches.
Retro Illustrations
Fun Retro Illustrations for all Android Wear watches.
What's next
Keep checking back to see what's next!.

What we've built with GOOGLE GLASS

We've built lots of Glassware - from fun images to presentation aides.

Flash Stacks
Flash Stacks is the first authoring tool for Glass. Upload images, text, or a combination of both. Built with the great folks at 33 Labs
Word of the Day
Word of the Day sends a new vocabulary word to Glass each day. Take a picture to share on social media! It's fun and you just might learn something, too.
Vignette Postcards
Vignette Postcards sends funny and seasonal images to Glass, share them on social media.

Want to know more?

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"I've been looking for some new watch faces to spice up my Moto 360 and these fit the bill. The art is great and they look quite classy on my watch."

"Fat Russell does it again with an awesome set of watch faces!"

"Form meets function and they fall in love."

"Some of the best looking watch faces in Play Store."

-Reviews on Google Play Store